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Since it's launch in February 2022, Neuroverse has had over 10,000 streams from 60+ countries around the world. Thank you all so much for your support and curiosity!

Neuroverse is a podcast hosted by Clara and Carolina, two young neuroscientists, about all matters from neuroscience to philosophy and beyond.

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  1. Individuality

  2. The Human Brain, the Evolved Brain 

  3. Predictive Coding 

  4. The Entropic Brain 

  5. Enzyme-Directed Evolution

  6. Breathing, the Brain, Being

  7. Structure-Function Relationships

  8. Sleep, Memory & Forgetting

  9. Is Sleep Deprivation Fatal?

  10. Materialism and Dualism

  11. The Mind-Muscle Connection (with Jubilent Amalendran)

  12. Polyvagal Theory and Yoga

  13. Oxygen- Friend or Foe: a Debate

  14. Reductionism

  15. Noise in the brain

  16. Silence in the Age of Noise, and on the Brain

  17. Understanding the World Through Physics (with Liza Rozenberg)

  18. Is Coffee Good or Bad?

  19. Science Misinformation: Human-Animal Chimeras

  20. The Philosophy of Machine Learning (with Alex Mussgnug)

  21. Mycelium

  22. Science Misinformation: The Lifestyle Industry

  23. Cross-Modal Plasticity (with Johanna Jaansoo)

  24. The Hippocampus

  25. Scientific Planes of Understanding

  26. Science Misinformation: Real Science, Desperate Scientists

  27. Science Art (with TakT)

  28. Subjectivity

  29. Predictive Coding and Dendrites

  30. Free Will and Determinism

  31. Neurogenesis (with Carlotta Barelli)

  32. Communicating Neuroscience in the 21st Century (with Dr. Ginger Campbell)

  33. The Gut-Microbiome-Brain axis

  34. Methodologies of Neuroscientific Investigation: A Philosophical Perspective (with Subham Ganguly)

  35. Spatial Cognition

  36. Computational Units in the Brain

  37. Does Memory Equal Consciousness?

  38. Dating Apps: The Architects of Contemporary Relationships (with Olivia Sirley)

  39. End of Year Episode- 2022 Reviewed!

  40. Philosophy of Colour

  41. Criticality (with Dr. Dominic Burrows)

  42. Inequality in Women's Health and Research (with Anais Kruger-Ruiz)

  43. In Conversation with Dr. Àlex Gómez-Marín

  44. Interview with CEO Meredith Gibson of the Association for Women In Science (AWIS)

  45. Measuring the Brain in Space and Time

  46. Anterior Cingulate Cortex's Role in Uncertainty and Predictive Coding

  47. Science Communication (with Elodie Chabrol)

  48. The Science of Awe

  49. Neuro-Inspired AI (with Clementine Domine)

  50. The Neurobiology of Schizophrenia (with Dr. Alice Petty)

  51. Reality

  52. The Blob: Questioning Intelligence

  53. Challenges of Collaborative Neuroscience & the Impact of Generative AI (with Jai Bhagat)

  54. Animal Models in Neuroscience Research

  55. Predictive Processing and Flexible Control of Behaviour (with Professor Sonja Hofer)

  56. Synapses: Origin & Evolution

  57. Stress, Cortisol and How to Overcome Stressors

  58. Morphic Resonance

  59. Biomimetic and Bioinspired Materials

  60. Storing Data in DNA

  61. Reprogramming Cellular Identity (with Sydney Leaman)

  62. What Makes Science Beautiful?

  63. Protein Dysregulation in Neurodegenerative Disorders (with Dr. Estella Newcombe)

  64. Tools for Looking into the Brain: Patch-Clamp

  65. Designing Generative Models (with Pierre Glaser)

  66. 2023 Reviewed (Off the Record)

  67. Philosophy of Sound

  68. The Mosaic of Science (with Professor Carlos Ribeiro)

  69. Q&A with Clara & Carolina

  70. Love on the Brain - 2 year anniversary Neuroverse special

  71. Tools for Looking into the Brain: Fluorescence Microscopy

  72. Women's Reproductive Health: Where we are and what needs to improve (with Professor Sohier Elneil)- Celebrating International Women's Day

  73. Evolutionary Impact of the Lichen Lifestyle on the Fungal Genome (with George Mears)

  74. Neural Computation of Naturalistic Behaviours (with Professor Tiago Branco)

  75. Tools for Looking into the Brain: Reading and Writing Patterns in the Brain (with Dr. Adil Khan)

  76. Interoception

  77. Dynamics of Strategy Learning of Deep Neural Networks (with Aaditya Singh)

  78. Ways to Interrogate Synaptic Function (with Dr. Rachel Jackson)

  79. The Evolution of Self-Medication, and What Chimpanzees Know (with Dr. Elodie Freymann)

  80. BCI Breakthroughs: The Therapeutic Progress of Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)

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