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Challenges with Collaborative Neuroscience & the Impact of Generative AI (with Jai Bhagat)

In this episode, we were joined by Jai Bhagat, a PhD student at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre (SWC) to talk about his research on rodent naturalistic behaviour, the benefits and challenges with collaborative neuroscience, and the impact of generative AI on research!

Find the episode here

About Jai's PhD project:

About collaboration, open-source tools, and the reproducibility of neurophysiological research:

"Rigbox: An Open-Source Toolbox for Probing Neurons and Behavior"

"A modular architecture for organizing, processing and sharing neurophysiology data"

"Neuropixels 2.0: A miniaturized high-density probe for stable, long-term brain recordings"

"Reproducibility of in-vivo electrophysiological measurements in mice"

A bit about generative AI:

Here are two videos describing how powerful language models can be (in particular GPT4 by Open AI):


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