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Inequality in Women's Health and Research (with Anais Kruger-Ruiz)

In this episode we were joined by a special guest, Anais Kruger-Ruiz, to discuss the gap in equality in research relating to women's health.

UK Health Research Analysis 2014

There is evidence that women are less involved in clinical trials...

Women’s involvement in clinical trials: historical perspective and future implications (2016)

The medical research gender gap: how excluding women from clinical trials is hurting our health (Guardian, 2015)

...which impacts treatment options...

Lack of females in drug dose trials leads to overmedicated women (2020)

Gender disparity in analgesic treatment of emergency department patients with acute abdominal pain (2008)

...and ultimately influences health outcomes:

Women’s health outcomes: Is there a gender gap?

Women have been woefully neglected’: does medical science have a gender problem? (Guardian, 2019)

Women are more affected by several disorders such as dementia...

Women with dementia receive less medical attention (2016)

...and autism spectrum disorders

"The role of gender in the perception of autism symptom severity and future behavioral development" (2019)

"The Female Autism Phenotype and Camouflaging: a Narrative Review" (2020)

While biological sex differences likely contribute to this, differential diagnostic criteria and attention are also key players.


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