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Noise in the Brain

In this episode we discussed the concept of neural noise or spontaneous brain activity. Does it have a purpose and how does it influence cognitive functions?

What is noise in the brain ("pink noise", "1/f noise")?

Quanta article- overview of noise in the brain:

What could noise mean? How is it related to cognitive functions?

Noise as a measure of consciousness (Lendner et al., 2020)

Decreased temporal precision in Schizophrenia is related to increased neural noise (Wolff et al., 2021- Georg Northoff)

Noise increases with age (Voytek et al., 2015)

Quanta article- Neural noise and the uncertainty of memories

How does "sensorial noise" (noisy sensory stimuli e.g. visual, auditory) affect brain activity and behaviour?

“Dissociating the Effect of Noise on Sensory Processing and Overall Decision Difficulty”


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