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Dating Apps: The Architects of Contemporary Relationships (with Olivia Sirley)

In this episode, we were joined by a special guest, Olivia Sirley, to discuss how online dating impacts both society and our brains. What are the positive and negative consequences of online dating? How can we develop a better relationship with the apps? What does neuroscience tell us about attraction and love in an increasingly digital world?

An interesting TED talk about online dating, “Alone together”, by psychologist Sherry Turkle (2011):

“The science of online dating” G. Frazzetto (2010)

How is online dating related to the neurochemical dopamine, and the “dopamine loop”?

“Dopamine Transmission in the Human Striatum during Monetary Reward Tasks” D. Zald, (2004)

“Dopamine reward prediction-error signalling: a two-component response” W. Schultz (2016)

What influences our “swiping behaviour” on dating apps?

“Neural correlates of acceptance and rejection in online speed dating: An electroencephalography study” X. Zhang (2022)

“Your Brains on Tinder: Neuroscience Reveals the Irresistible Tinder Picture”

“Online dating: Super effective, or just… superficial?”

Original paper: “Modeling dating decisions in a mock swiping paradigm: An examination of participant and target characteristics” (Chopik & Johnson, 2021):

Does the “gamification” of dating through apps promote antisocial behavior?

“The Psychology of Dating Apps”


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