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Predictive Coding

What is predictive coding?

Simple and well-explained overview of predictive coding:

“You experience, in some sense, the world that you expect to experience… all experience is controlled hallucination” Andy Clark (The University of Edinburgh)

How is predictive coding implemented?

“Layer and Rhythm specificity for predictive routing” Bastos et al. (Earl Miller’s lab) (2020)

“Predictive processing: A canonical cortical computation” Georg Keller & Thomas Mrsic-Flogel (2018)

What is the purpose of predictive coding? Does it underlie "consciousness"?

“Learning and attention increase visual response selectivity through distinct mechanism” Poort et al. (2022)

"How to Change Your Mind" Michael Pollan (2018)

“Neocortex saves energy by reducing coding precision during food scarcity” Padamsey et al. (Nathalie Rochefort’s lab) (2022)

"A tradeoff in the neural code across regions and species" Pryluk et al. (2019) explore robustness vs. efficiency of neurons in different species


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