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Predictive Coding and Dendrites

In this episode, we discussed the role of dendrites in predictive coding, based on Matthew Larkum's hypothesis of dendritic function (BAC firing hypothesis).

What makes dendrites so computationally complex? What type of nonlinear computations can they perform?

"Dendritic Computation" London and Haüsser (2005)

Wikipedia page on "Dendritic Spikes"

Can understanding dendrites improve artificial intelligence?

"Drawing inspiration from biological dendrites to empower artificial neural networks" Chavlis and Poirazi (2021)

How may predictive coding occur at the level of dendrites?

"A cellular mechanism for cortical associations: an organizing principle for the cerebral cortex" Mattew Larkum (2013)

"Dendritic predictive coding: A theory of cortical computation with spiking neurons" Mikulasch et al. (2022)

What is the significance of feedforward (sensory) and feedback (internally generated) information for large-scale predictive coding?

“Canonical microcircuits for predictive coding”

Andre Bastos (2012)

Our episode on predictive coding!

A philosophical take on feedback and feedforward information:

"The Epistemological Problem For Automata" D.M. MacKay (1956)

What is an example of predictive dendritic coding influencing behaviour in a live animal (in vivo evidence)?

"Auditory corticofugal neurons transmit non-auditory signals to support discriminative learning" Ford et al. (2022)


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