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[SHOW NOTES] Predictive Processing and Flexible Control of Behaviour (with Prof. Sonja Hofer)

In this episode, we were joined by Prof. Sonja Hofer, a researcher and Group Leader at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre at UCL. The Hofer Lab researches the neural basis of sensory perception and sensory-guided decision-making. We discussed some of the latest research from her lab, and the motivations behind her research.

Find the episode here

Sonja Hofer (bottom left) joined Carolina (bottom right) and Clara (top) for this episode

Check out the Hofer Lab website here to find out more about what research goes on in the lab.

We spoke about their most recent preprint exploring prediction error signals in the sensory cortex:

Other related papers:

This episode is part of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre series, where we shine light on research that is being carried out at SWC, and under the SWC public engagement grant. You can find out more about SWC on their website.


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