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Sleep, Memory & Forgetting

What role does sleep have in memory consolidation?

Reactivation of sensory neurons that were stimulated during wakefulness:

“Causal role for sleep-dependent reactivation of learning-activated sensory ensembles for fear memory consolidation” (Clawson et al., 2021)

Reactivation of the emotional aspects of memory:

“Reactivations of emotional memory in the hippocampus-amygdala system during sleep” Gabrielle Girardeau, György Buzsaki 2017.

How does sleep homeostatically "declutter" the brain?

“Synaptic scaling in sleep” László Acsády and Kenneth D. Harris (2017)

Can memories be induced during sleep?

Apparently so!...

“Explicit memory creation during sleep demonstrates a causal role of place cells in navigation” Gaeten de Lavilleon, Karim Benchenane, et al. (2015)

How does rhythmic activity during sleep regulate memory consolidation?

“Dueling Brain Waves Anchor or Erase Learning During Sleep” (Quanta Magazine)

Original paper: “Competing Roles of Slow Oscillations and Delta Waves in Memory Consolidation versus Forgetting” Jaekyung Kim et al. (2019)


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