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[SHOW NOTES] The Science of Awe

In this episode, we discussed how awe is one of the most powerful states of being, benefitting our mental and physical health and improving social cohesion.

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What exactly is awe, and what are its positive effects?

“Awe as a Pathway to Mental and Physical Health” Monroy & Keltner, 2022

“Awe is associated with creative personality, convergent creativity, and everyday creativity” Zhang et al., 2021

What makes awe different from other positive emotions?

“The nature of awe: Elicitors, appraisals, and effects on self-concept” Shiota and Keltner (2007)

How does awe shape the self?

“Awe, the small self, and prosocial behavior” Piff et al., 2015

What scientific evidence is there for the positive effects of awe?

“The neural correlates of the awe experience: Reduced default mode network activity during feelings of awe” Van Elk et al., 2015

“Positive Affect and Markers of Inflammation: Discrete Positive Emotions Predict Lower Levels of Inflammatory Cytokines” Jennifer Stellar et al., 2015

“Big Smile, Small Self: Awe Walks Promote Prosocial Positive Emotions in Older Adults” Sturm et al., 2022


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