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We started a podcast!

Around October 2021, we first met each other as two new neuroscience Master's students at The University of Edinburgh and naturally began to discuss and share our passion for science, philosophy, and the world. We started discussing concepts like neurotechnology, enzyme-directed evolution, the hard problem of consciousness, the evolution of the brain, and many more. With backgrounds in biochemistry and neuroscience, we found we had slightly different perspectives and knowledge, but were united by our longing to explore the breadth of science through a philosophical lens.

So, we decided to start a podcast as an outlet for our (very many) thoughts and as an opportunity to continuously learn and share ideas. So here it is! After several months of planning, we are so happy and excited to share Neuroverse, a weekly podcast featuring our thoughts and ramblings on random topics that we find interesting, and we hope you do too!

Join Us

We'd love to hear your feedback. We're just getting started in the podcast world so would appreciate any and all feedback. Plus, we want to hear your ideas, your questions, your recommendations for topics... we want you to get involved!

You can connect with us via email (, Twitter, or Spotify.


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